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Welcome greetings of the president

Stjepan KolarićThis is to welcome you on our website of the Trade Union in Printing and Publishing Industry of Croatia. Our dearest wish is that site is not only the electronic card, but also it should a good service destined, first of all to the union members, its representatives, employers and union, respectively to the media and citizens.

Their conception is to represent the live media which will represent the Trade Union in Printing. All the interested will thus be informed on their various activities in the promotional sector of collective bargaining, protection of our members, social dialogue as well as of other possibilities offered by the Trade Union.

Our intention is that this site becomes the public tribune which will enable our members, officials, intellectuals, politicians, journalists and others to present their point of view regarding all issues interested in the graphical, processing and journalist activities.

The Trade Union in Printing and Publishing Industry understands and accepts all advantages of the modern technology. At the same time this is an opportunity for our Trade Union to go forward with the modern time. We count on your help and suggestions trying to form the information network enabling you thus to better protect and promote the material and social interest of the members of our Trade Union.

We are thus opening the new way of giving information between the Union and public opinion wishing to give the necessity in the present turbulent world, to create virtual links to make better and more efficient communication between the people, members of our organisation, our partners and the whole public opinion.

Wishing that you open more often our web site,

Yours sincerely

Stjepan Kolarić, President

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